Prevention of Suicides by Psychographological Exercise

Once we write comfortably with speed without consciously thinking about individual letter formations, it is the "brain" and not the "hand" which controls the writing. Our "subconscious" mind takes over the writing.

The deviations in writing are "chosen" by the "brain" without conscious thought as our hand moves across the paper. It is the subconscious mind reflecting up in the handwriting. A writer who constantly writes with a “downhill baseline” feels down. It’s one trait for depression. Clusters are series of handwriting traits that mean the same or similar personality trait. Usually, they corroborate each other. For instance, there are about 15 - 20 traits for depression. When six or seven are present, we determine depression. It's the cluster or the combination of these traits that prove the point.

Sometimes clusters work in conflict with one another, and that shows. People have conflicts, and conflicts will invariably show up in their handwriting.

Suicides ranks 9th as cause of death. Left-handed people are more prone to suicidal tendencies. The psychographologist can give you earliest information when concept of suicide is just conceived as in all ailments earliest knowledge of any disease make treatment easier and simple.

Evidence of clues in suicidal personality

  • Extremely heavy pressured letters forms which are narrow and compressed and with the lower loops on line entangled with upper loops of the line below.
  • Words as well as line will descend. The slant of words will be towards left or straight.
  • Inked, e, o and a
  • Formation of inverted letter like b will be written like d and q like p.
  • The criss crossing strokes in middle.
  • Highly angular writing
  • Obsession back joining
  • Loops in m, t and d
  • Capital I letter is unusually 4 times bigger than small letters
  • Signature placed on left wide of paper and downward
  • Signature is cut or crossed several times.

Methodology of Exercise

  • Out of 11 clues given above, first investigate the number of clues present in your handwriting.
  • If your handwriting contains more than 6 clues it is a serious case and need immediate action.
  • First step is to have full belief in science of psychographology and honestly performed the exercise, you will get result as you practice first consciously then it should become a reflex action and unwanted strokes should never be written.
  • First day practice repeatedly consciously for at least half an hour all the letter formation as per recommendations.
  • Check your handwriting and find out improvement.
  • You have to continuously practice first consciously and then subconsciously.
  • The result can be achieved in 30-60 days depends on extent of ailment.

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