Diagnosis of Heart Problem by Graphology

Diagnosis is an important aspect of the scientific tool for prevention of diseases. The handwriting is a Mirror of mind and body in action; it reveals the true state of thought process and body tone. Writing reveals total health of a human being. In physical illness the flow of writing is interrupted not distorted.

The physical deterioration of the brain consists in weakened or jarred strokes, there will be gaps in flow rather distortion. The graphological findings are highly reliable in both test-retest and internal consistency compared to other psychometric tests. The disease cannot be predicted if there is a physical damage to Brain, CNS or PNS.

Heart Problems

There will be notches in upper loops of letter and it can be predicted with very good reliability with test-retest reliability.

In case of heart problem the distinct tremor will record in the form of a notch in upper loop of the letters.

We have taken 25 samples of patients from a reputed heart clinic and found that above stroke are confirmed. First I too k handwriting before Bypass surgery and another sample after heart surgery.

In all the cases it was found true.

Graphology provides the most useful clue to predict onset of heart attack much before it actually happen.

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