Graphology: A diagnostic tool for onset of diseases

Graphology can be a very useful tool for spotting health problems before they become too severe. A sample of spontaneous handwriting is necessary which should be not less than 24 lines long. It should include a signature and be written on plain paper using a ballpoint or fountain pen.

Look out for clues and take precautions:

  1. Heart problems:

    Low writing pressure signals low blood pressure and ragged upper loops handwriting reveal early signs of heart disease.

    A person with heart problems, instinctively rests the pen on paper as he would rest on a stick while walking.

  2. Back problem:

    Poor handwriting in young children may be a sign of autism. Autistic children suffer from motor skill problems which affect the way they hold a pen or pencil and write.

  3. Schizophrenia:

    In a schizophrenic patient include unusual letter formations, script that's impossible to decipher, slants that stray in different directions and missing letters and syllables.

  4. Essential tremor:

    Essential tremor is a nervous system disorder that can affect any part of the body but occurs most frequently in the hands. Essential tremor manifests itself in trembling when you try to complete a task - handwriting is one of the tasks to suffer.

    Essential tremor is often confused with Parkinson's disease but the two conditions differ. Essential tremor occurs when you use your hands, unlike Parkinson's which is worse when the hands are resting.

  5. Dystonia :

    If you suffer from dystonia, your muscles contract involuntarily to cause uncontrolled twisting in the part of the body affected.

    If your handwriting becomes shaky or illegible halfway down the page, after you suffer from an involuntary contraction of the muscles in your hand.

  6. Parkinson's disease:

    Parkinson's disease creates significant problems with movement, as well as cognitive and neurobehavioral issues. One of the signs of Parkinson's disease is very small or cramped handwriting.

  7. Suicidal Tendencies:

    Suicide ranks 9th as causes of death. Left-handed people are more prone to suicide tendencies.

    Clues: Inked, e, o and a, formation of inverted letter like b will be written like d and q like p. The criss crossing strokes in middle. Highly angular writing. Obsessional back joining. Loops in m, t and d

  8. Lungs Disorders :

    When subject has trouble in breathing, there will be slight catches in the loops and curves above the line; in case of serious problem it will be evident in habitual breathing rhythm.

    Clues: Slight catches in loops and curves.

  9. Arthritis :

    If arthritis strikes, hands will eventually be affected. The writing will be shaky, light pressured and irregular. It will be awkward in nature.

    Clues: Shaky, light pressured, irregular, awkward. The graphologist can give you earliest information when the disease is in earlier stage, earliest knowledge of any disease make treatment easier and simple.


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