Research Associates Required

Graphology is not a pure science. It is science and art form; lot of research work is required in this field. You can join us as associate if you fill up any of the following criteria.

  • You have completed the course at our institute or any other institute and qualify in our tests.
  • You can acquire handwriting specimen of very honest person or dishonest. Person or handwriting of a person whose traits are very well known to you.
  • Very happy couple or most unhappy couple.
  • If you have good relationship with law enforcement authorities and can lay hand on handwriting specimen of confirmed criminal.
  • You can lay hand on handwriting specimen on suffering from heart problem, lungs problem, Paralysis, Depression or any other disease.
  • Creating Authentic Literature in Graphology in Regional Languages.

It is only when we document specimen and create 100% test retest reliability, graphology can be treated as science form.

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