Career Counselling Process

The objective of career counselling process is to offer career options to candidates to seek a career option, which is aligned to their aptitude and give maximum financial reward. Counselling is a two way process where the counsellors bring their expertise in evaluating the aptitude of the candidate.

Most students are in the state of confusion regarding their career path.

The career decision is made on the basis of:

  1. Friends, Neighbours, Professor's & fellow students.
  2. Monitory Considerations.
  3. View adopted by most of the students.
  4. Parents strong desire.

Students must think on their ability level, knowledge Level, personality traits, and interest level before picking up a course of their choice. If they do work for which they have aptitude they will succeed effortlessly. It is like swimming with the flow, not against the flow.

A scientific way of finding out the aptitudes is by taking, a set of tests which include:

  1. Graphology Analysis
  2. Aptitude Tests
  3. IQ and EQ Tests
  4. Personality Tests

By doing several tests, consultants will make a model of a candidate. Based on these tests he can advice correction road map and guide in choosing a profession which will be near fit.

The session between the career counsellor and candidate will last for at least three hours. All the tests to be taken up in controlled condition. The consultants will take two to three days to give you correct advice.

Skill sets required for a career counsellor.

The consultants must have all the information about the long, medium term learning programs in all the fields of learning. Status of institutes as to standard in education, Testimonials from past students, and placement record.

The candidates must go to counsellor with full and ready information:

  1. All the academic records.
  2. All the certificates of extracurricular activities.
  3. Two page hand written page for Graphological analysis.
  4. Professional and other certifications.
  5. Present Resume if candidates are working professionals.

A wide variety of people call themselves counsellors. Admission consultants also refer to themselves as career counsellor. Their job is to guide students through. Career counselling is all about knowing all the personality aspect of the candidates and matching it with job requirements. Candidate’s interest desire to be in the selected professional.

Career Counselling Involve
  1. Correctly modelling the personality of candidates by several tests and confirming the aptitude by various methodologies.
  2. Knowing about all the available training programs and job options.

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