Training Program

IGRC is the world leader in handwriting analysis certification. Through our courses, you will learn to be a professional handwriting analyst. IGAS teaches the trait stroke method of analyzing handwriting.

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Professional Services

We can help you understand your handwriting. Our expert handwriting analysis can reveal tendencies toward creativity, enthusiasm, goals, sense of humor, initiative, focus, rhythm, emotional slant, levels of abstract imagination, and strength of drive.

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IGRC is the world leader in handwriting analysis certification. Here you will find handwriting analysis books, handwriting analysis instruction, study groups, and much more

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IGRC is a unique, dynamic and professional institution established in the year 1990, based at Bangalore, India. It is a centre of excellence for individuals and companies. Graphology is used in various sectors like career guidance, recruitment, self evaluation, and personality development. The primary mission of IGRC is to provide up-to-date contemporary Graphological Analysis to fulfill the requirements of today's modern society. It also prepares the students for the future through our training program.

Student Testimonial

My heartfelt thanks to IGRC team for their encouragement for the successful completion of my Graphology course and accepting me as member of their IGRC family.

Thanks a lot for Mr. Balchandani sir for his encouragement, support and motivation. Mr. E ARUNA

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