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IGRC Centre of Graphlogical Analysis is a unique, dynamic and professional institution established in the year 1990., based at Bangalore, India. It is a centre of excellence both for individuals and for companies. Nowadays graphology is used in various sectors like career guidance, corporate analysis, recruitment, self evaluation, personality development. The primary mission of IGRC is not only to provide up-to-date contemporary graphological Analysis to fulfill the requirements of today's modern society in various field above mentioned, but also to prepare the students for the future through our training program. We have devised day, evening, weekend courses and distance learning courses for graphology.



Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. The scientific establishment began to compile evidence and theories proving this as early as the 17th century. You can use the skills of graphology to find hidden areas of the character with or without their knowledge, causing people or yourself problems. Once personality is reflected in the style of writing. One can change behaviour with change in handwriting because it's a brain writing eventually.



Professional Service

  • A  handwriting Analysis Personnel Screening Services.
  • Vocational  Analysis for Supervisory or Administrative Support Personnel.
  • Sales Aptitude Analysis.
  • Comprehensive Analysis for Senior Management.
    • Functional ability
    • Intellect
    • Social Relations
    • Drives
    • Productivity
    • Vulnerability to stress
  • Grapho Therapy
  • Grapho Pathology
  • Design of Experiment for Scientific Research in Graphology



IGRC is not an accredited school and since there currently is no official agency for graphology in all over the world. We give certificates only after completion of test. If you have not passed the test we will further guide you and prepare for a second attempt without any further cost.




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